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Real Weddings - Steven and Rachel Rustic Wedding at Harmony Forge Inn

Real  Weddings - Steven and Rachel Rustic Wedding at Harmony Forge Inn. Rachel's wedding was a balanced mix of style and rustic elegance. 
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Rose Gold Jewellery for the Bride!

Rose gold wedding necklaces, earrings and bracelets have become popular as a classic and elegant alternative to gold. Rose Gold jewelry is  tonally warmer than white and yellow gold, the perfect in between for a bride. The softer, more feminine touch on rose gold jewellery matches almost every skin tone and has become popular for its effortless beauty and versatility.
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Inspiration Behind Twixt Jewelry

Thank you so much for visiting my site. Its a pleasure to have you here. Twixt Jewelry and Twixt Designs was born out of my passion to create. I love being creative and I love making things. But as I wanted to be a stay at home mother meant that I needed to do something that brought me an income and still kept me at home. So I taught my self how to make jewelry and started my own online jewelry store from my home. 

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