Elegant And Boho Chic Bridal Hair inspiration From Russia

Posted by on 9/6/2021 to Bridal Hair Inspiration
Elegant And Boho Chic Bridal Hair inspiration From Russia
Lena Bogucharskaya is a Russian Hairstylist and educator. Her style is versatile. She easily shifts from elegant updos to boho bridal hairstyles. Here are some of my favorite styles from her Instagram page to inspire you. I adore how she dresses up her hairstyles with bridal hair accessories. Her hairstyles are both natural and beautiful, making them ideal for any wedding. 

What is the perfect bridal hairdo to go with a veil? This gorgeous low bun bridal hairstyle with the elegant bridal combo and a veil  can be tucked in just above the knot.

In this gorgeous high up bun wedding hairstyle is embellished with two bridal combs.

Gorgeous beautiful tousled low bun bridal hairstyle embellished with opal and crystal hair bun. 
Glamourous waves with crystal hair vine. 

Such a pretty hairdo with not only a bridal comb but crystal hairpins peeking out. 
What I love about these next few styles is that it is elegant and organic and the effortless texture, makes the styles look very natural. 

Extremely elegant and glamourous low bun bridal hair style enhanced with crystal hair pins. 

Did you notice the unique touch of the braid...its sooo pretty. 

Hope enjoy these images and they give you endless inspiration for your special day. 

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