How to style small bridal combs

Posted by on 6/16/2021 to Bridal Hair Inspiration
Small bridal combs are perfect for a variety of styles. They are simple, elegant yet versatile. It is easy to think that because they are dainty, they might not have much of an impact but a small bridal comb can be styled to be quite elegant on the bride.  One of the prettiest items we have in our store is our "Mother of pearl floral comb". This floral comb is beautifully made, it is small yet striking. It is perfect for a range of styles from elegant chignons to more casual half up and half down styles. Here are some images to inspire you. 
The elegant chignon bridal hairstyle is perfect for the contemporary modern bride. The small bridal hair comb adds elegance to the whole hairstyle. 

This gorgeous vintage-style hairstyle is perfect for Gatsby bride. The 1920s inspired waves with side parting is finished with a lovely hair comb. The whole style is perfect for a bride with short hair or bob.  

The half up half down bridal style pictured below is perfect for the boho bride who loves a more casual hairstyle. The bridal comb just adds a striking element to the whole style. 

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