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Inspiration Behind Twixt Jewelry

Posted by on 7/6/2018 to News
Thank you so much for visiting my site. Its a pleasure to have you here. Twixt Jewelry and Twixt Designs was born out of my passion to create. I love being creative and I love making things. But as I wanted to be a stay at home mother meant that I needed to do something that brought me an income and still kept me at home. So I taught my self how to make jewelry and started my own online jewelry store from my home. 
Twixt Designs was born in 2014 as I opened my Etsy store. I chose the name "Twixt" because it means "between two extreemes" . I wanted to create jewelry that was some where between minimal and statement. My own taste in jewelry is eclectic and you will  notice that my store displays my taste very well. 

While I tend to wear minmal jewelry most times, my most favourite range is my geode range for brides, which I love creating as due the nature of natural stones , each piece is unique. 

I also love the warm tones of rose gold jewelry so you will see a lot of that in my wedding range. 

A lot of my customers ask me if I have hair accessories or hair pins, or if I offer wedding veils , as I didn't have the time or the capacity to do this and Etsy is a platform for handmade jewelry only so I decided to create Twixt Jewelry is a mix of my handmade pieces and also items ( non jewelry items) curated from trusted suppliers. 

I hope you enjoy visiting my shop. Please note that  ALL JEWELRY ITEMS are handmade by me and can be customized so do contact me if you need a change done. 

Happy Shopping!