Brent and Bridgette Vining's Summer Wedding in St Pete Beach Florida

Real Weddings - Brent and Bridgette Vining's Summer Wedding in St. Pete Beach, Florida

Posted by on 4/20/2020 to Weddings
Real  Weddings - Brent and Bridgette Vining's Summer Wedding in St. Pete Beach, Florida
When I asked Bridgette for some images of her wedding I never expected such lovely images and such a beautiful bride and groom whose love shines through the image. Bridgette broke away from the traditional gown and wore a two-piece wedding dress. The bridal crop top has a low back that she highlighted with a Twixt Designs back necklace in rose gold and matching teardrop earrings. The whole look was so appropriately beachy and elegant.

Here is Bridgette and Brents Vining's Summer Beach Wedding in picture-perfect St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Here is their love story in her own words :

My handsome hubby, Brent, and I met a little over 2 years ago on Instagram of all places!! After “liking” pictures and not speaking to each other I finally took the dive and messaged him.  It was all over from there! We chatted on Instagram for a while before exchanging numbers. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts at the time and I was in South Carolina. After a few months, we took the dive and officially became “US” without even meeting in person still!! About a month after that, he came to visit me for a long weekend and we were hooked. We both knew we had found our One. 

I went and visited him once about a month later in Boston but he knew he wanted to move back home. We were raised in South Carolina and he was ready to come home. He finally got a job offer a few months after I had visited and he packed up everything he owned and we’ve been together ever since.

In 2017, he proposed on the beach of the Bahamas on a cruise we had taken for vacation. I was not expecting it and it was so perfect and amazing! I took home a seashell from that beach from that day as a memento of such a milestone in our lives. When we finally started talking about nailing down a date we knew we wanted to do it in May but he wanted to do it exactly a year after he proposed which I was more than excited about!

Since we got engaged on a gorgeous beach, we decided a beach WEDDING would be absolutely perfect and so US. He had lived in Florida for a while before he went to Boston and he had fallen in love with the hotel we got married at. He took me there to see it in person in February of this year and I knew it was our spot.

When it came to jewelry for our big day, I knew I wanted to be rose gold, to match the gorgeous engagement ring he had designed just for me. I scoured the internet daily looking for the perfect things, I knew when I saw them they would just scream my name :) That’s when I finally came across the incredible work of Twixt Designs on Etsy and I fell in love. She helped me put together my earrings to perfectly match the necklace and when I got them in person they were even more breath-taking in person! I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect!!!! I couldn’t wait for him to see me in my dress and jewelry!

So a year to the day after he got down on one knee in the sand in the Bahamas, we said our “I do’s” on a beach in picture-perfect St. Pete Beach, Florida. Everything was wonderful, perfect, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Marrying my best friend on May 22, 2018 was the best day of my life and Twixt Designs made me feel like a princess!!! I could not say THANK YOU enough to her for making all my dreams come true!!!!


And yes, I took home a seashell from the beach we got married at…it is now nestled in my memory box next to my shell from the Bahamas.